Created in 2015, UrgoTech is a startup within the URGO Group.

URGO Group is a leading international healthcare group based in France, specialized in advanced wound care and self-care. The Group’s engagement has always been to “Invent & Care”. Created in 1880, family-owned, URGO Group is engaged on a day-to-day basis with patients, health care professionals and the general public.

With its Urgo Medical division, it develops innovative wound dressings to address an increased need worldwide for the care of chronic wounds.

With its Urgo Consumer Healthcare division, it gives access to responsible healthcare solutions in the areas of first aid, nutritional supplements, sexual hygiene, cold and allergies.

With its startup UrgoTech, it prepares the future and offers patients the benefits of connected health.

Our Mission

URGOTECH imagines, develops and markets innovative solutions specialized in biofeedback and neurotechnologies applied to health. At URGOTECH we firmly believe that Neuroscience will help find effective solutions to many conditions that currently have no efficient or accessible treatments. The challenge of Neuroscience is to explain the functioning of the human brain to better treat the diseases that affect it. Because of our modern lifestyle, brain troubles or diseases are affecting an increasing number of people. It is therefore essential to develop new treatments. Neurofeedback is a clinically proven way to train brain activity and improve brain functioning.

Our mission is to offer effective, accessible and scientifically proven therapies with no side effects based on brain reeducation. We partner with some of the best neuroscientists, researchers and doctors to identify and understand the needs of their patients. With them, we design effective products and empowering solutions that will improve patients’ quality of life from home.

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