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Is URGONight right for me?

URGONight will help you take control of your sleep if you are experiencing some of the following:

  • It takes you more than 30 min to fall asleep because of your busy mind
  • you wake up at the slightest sound or light in your room 
  • You wake up many times during the night and can’t go back to sleep as you keep rehashing your day
  • You are so tired that you are drowsy during the day
  • You are a student or an athlete and especially in exam / competition periods
  • You sleep in a good environment: not noisy, no newborns or young children who are not sleeping well, no shift working
  • You are not affected by organic sleep troubles such as sleep apnea, restless legs, narcolepsy
  • You are not affected by a medical condition that impact your sleep such as psychiatric illnesses, neurological diseases, pain, metabolic diseases, hormonal troubles.

In these last 2 cases, make sure you consult your doctor prior using URGONight to see if Neurofeedback could be an adequate complement to your therapy.

Will URGONight work for everyone?

URGONight is a brain training program based on learning. The results of URGONight training can therefore vary from one person to another depending on his or her own ability to learn new things.

Do note that if you have specific medical conditions, you may be able to use URGONight in combination with current treatments, but its efficacy may be reduced. Make sure to seek advice from your doctor first.

Can URGONight treat or help with any medical conditions?

URGONight is not a medical device and was not designed to treat any medical condition.

If you are diagnosed with one of the following conditions, you should consult your doctor prior using URGONight to see if Neurofeedback could be an adequate complement to your therapy:

  • Depression
  • Organic sleep troubles: apnea, hypopnea, restless syndrome, narcolepsy, hypersomnia, Kleine-Levine syndrome, somnambulism, nocturnal eating troubles
  • Pathologies disturbing sleep: cancer, degenerative, autoimmune, inflammatory, chronic or acute, hormonal disturbances
  • Epilepsy: If you are epileptic, check with your neurologist if URGONight is compatible with your condition. As the brainwaves trained are close to the beta waves it might declare seizures in some epileptic people.

What can I expect from URGONight?

URGONight is a training program and as for any training, it requires time and practice to feel long lasting benefits. Studies have shown that Neurofeedback benefits start to appear after 10 to 15 sessions which is about 3 to 5 weeks of regular practice. Don’t loose patience, it is a training for a future filled of natural slumber!

Your first session: Discover

The mobile application will guide you through an initial 30 min session. This is a step by step induction process to tailor the training to you and to make sure you understand all aspects of the training. 

Sessions 1 to 3 (5): Find your technique

The first few sessions on your own may bring up some questions and incomprehension. That’s normal, it is sometimes difficult to understand what we need to do to produce the right brainwaves. URGONight will propose you some examples of techniques that work for other users. By practicing the exercises with real time feedback, you will soon be able to associate your feeling to the points you score and understand what actions lead you to success in your training.

Sessions 3 (5) to 10: Train your brain

You consolidate your training and focus on the technique that brings you the most rewards. You increase your score over the course of the sessions.

Sessions 10 onwards: Take control of your sleep

Your brain starts to learn new patterns and starts producing more sleep positive brainwaves on its own. You should start to feel the benefits including falling asleep faster, waking up less during the night.

After 40 sessions: Consolidate

Your brain has assimilated the training and you are now able to take control of your sleep.  Repeat regular conditioning sessions afterward to make sure you’re still on the right track.

What can’t I expect from URGONight?

  • Getting results from day 1. This is a training and it will require practice (between 10 to 15 sessions) before you feel the first results.
  • Getting results if you don’t practice regularly as recommended by the program. To learn a new skill, regularity and practice are key. URGONight is recommended to be used 3 times per week for a minimum of 40 sessions for sustainable results.
  • Getting results if my sleeping environment remains disturbed or if I have a medical condition that impairs my sleep.

Is Neurofeedback safe?

Neurofeedback is a totally safe reeducation program. Like behavioral therapy, it is proven to not lead to any side effects.

Special attention for epileptic people. If you are epileptic, check with your neurologist if you can use URGONight. For some epileptic patients, given the nature of their brainwaves, neurofeedback training may declare seizures.

How does daytime neurofeedback training influence sleep?

When we sleep, the brain needs to disconnect from the outside environment to focus on physical and mental recovery. Sleep spindles are a type of brainwaves that are produced at night and they are pieces of the puzzle needed to protect your sleep from outside disturbances and achieve restorative sleep. 

For some people suffering from sleep troubles, the brain produces less sleep spindles making their sleep more sensitive. It is however possible to reeducate our brain, especially with daytime neurofeedback training of the Sensorimotor brainwaves (SMR).

Research supports that training SMR waves during the day increase the production of sleep spindles during the night. 

Training during the day allows your brain to assimilate the benefits of your training correctly and durably and increase sleep quality with no side-effect.

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